Friday, March 2, 2018

A Call to Missions

The Wycliffe USA blog recently told the story of one family from Equip (new missionary training). Alex and Ashley Lee met at Cornell University in 2008 at their campus fellowship and — after an eventful 2013 featuring their wedding and graduations — soon headed to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. There, the couple was floored by a story they heard a Wycliffe missionary tell. It took a few more years, speakers and books though before Alex and Ashley’s hearts were propelled toward serving in Bible translation.

The Lees recognize how helpful it was to take the time to address their hesitancies without feeling pressured. God knew their concerns. Ashley was patient with Alex’s slower pace, which was helpful to him. They worked it through together. The Lees hope to arrive in Papua New Guinea in 2020 to begin their work and help bring God’s Word to a people group that is still waiting.

To read more of the story:

As you pray and give toward my Wycliffe ministry, your partnership impacts many others like the Lees as they come through their initial Wycliffe training. Thank you for your part in speeding them on their way.

This month, we're preparing for future programs. And, there are some of you visiting Florida this time of year, so I'm doing some in-state traveling to see you, yay! I also have some time to step away. I'll be in Indiana soon. (message me for details!) Looking forward to reconnecting with many of you during that time. Then Mom will fly back with me and be in Florida for a while. Thanks for your prayers for a great month.

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