Saturday, August 4, 2007


One thing that is different about this chapter in my life is my perspective on summer. I will admit - what I miss most about teaching is the 10 weeks off in the summer. [And, I always used to tell folks - yes, one day I will grow up and get a real job :-)]

I mean no slam on teachers - with the hours they work during the school year, if they didn't have the summer off, many wouldn't make it through the next year. I just have had to figure out a different pace for life.

Summer used to be my recovery time. I would get back into good habits of sleep and exercise and eating better and practicing horn lots and doing home projects. I also would enjoy spending lots of social time and catching up with people and... Now those things need to fit into regular life, or I won't get to them at all. Some days I think I am close to figuring out how it all needs to fit, and other days I am miles away from it.

As I reflect on things today, I am thankful for those who come alongside and continue to help me make the ongoing adjustments - those who regularly encourage me to make room for the things that fill me up in the midst of the things that are necessary. And special thanks for those who have helped the necessary and discipline things be filler-uppers!

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  1. Keep up the good work, making the adjustments you need to keep life in balance! And I think we all need those people in our lives who help us think through options or just give us permission to step back for a little bit. :-)