Friday, April 26, 2024

God's Point of View

You might have noticed there aren't as many stories of my Wycliffe ministry that I can share in this season. Many times, it's because I am working with my colleagues' finances or learning of challenging situations in their lives... and those things need to be kept in confidence. Sometimes, my days are as exciting as a Zoom meeting to help someone update their W-4 form. Very important, but not exactly the kind of thing I race to share with you!

The last face-to-face program I was a part of in Orlando was in February 2020. At that time, there was absolutely no way I could have imagined how things would be today -- with me back in Indiana and in entirely different roles. I am so thankful for the continuity of still being with Wycliffe and the continuity of you, faithful partners, who have prayed and given and encouraged, every step of the way. And though "our" contribution is different now, we are still part of what God is doing to transform lives through the translated Bible.

But why does Bible translation make a difference? Take a look at the first 4:30 of this video from the Spring Scripture Celebration (Of course, you're welcome to watch the entire video.). The image gives a hint:​

Recent Highlights -- Answers to Prayer:
  • An unexpected project came up this month and I was able to draft a solution. We tested it and are ready for implementation in May.
  • The long-term project due in May is essentially finished.
  • I was recently the Zoom facilitator for sessions on "Caring for Aging Parents" that were attended by 124 colleagues. It was good to help with encouragement for so many.
  • The Lord is continuing to help me memorize (working on Colossians, Psalm 103).
Items for prayer:
  • May 6, one of the processes I work with will change radically. Pray that our testing was adequate (see above!), that I will see issues quickly, and for good attention to detail.
  • May will be the first month for the new departmental paradigm. Pray for good adjustments.
  • Pray for wisdom for Wycliffe's leadership as they make decisions regarding the sale of the current campus in order to unlock underutilized resources so that more might receive the Bible and be transformed.
Thank you for your faithful prayers. How may I pray for you?