Friday, April 29, 2016

April Equip

Thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts toward my Wycliffe ministry. Your partnership in April was used by God to impact the Equip training of 21 new missionaries and their 12 MKs. I praise the Lord for health and strength for the “Crew” (who facilitated the two-week orientation) and for the participants and their families.

“B,” one of the Equippers, was originally from South Asia. We were very moved to hear his testimony of the power of the Bible in transforming his family, one member at a time. Relationships that were at one time harsh and abusive became nurturing and life-giving. B’s parents are from an oral culture and do not read. They now spend time each evening listening to audio Scripture in their heart language, learning and growing in their knowledge of God.

Seeing the power of the Word in his family’s lives has motivated B to join Wycliffe Bible Translators. His desire is to use his gifts and experience in administration to help translators in his home country continue translating for others who are still waiting. You have a part in his future Wycliffe ministry.

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