Friday, July 11, 2014

Seven Weeks This Summer

I love being reminded of the "big picture" - that God is about transforming lives.  In the photo below from East Asia, a crowd gathers as a man reads a book in his mother tongue for the first time. Access to mother tongue material is often limited in minority language groups.  Translation provides not only the means to impact lives for eternity, it also facilitates practical change now, as minority language groups are able to access education, healthcare information, and opportunities for economic development in a language they understand.  These early materials then pave the way for literacy so the Scriptures may be fully embraced when the Bible translation is ready.

In Orlando, we are in the midst of a seven-week stretch of onsite programs:  four weeks complete; three to come.  God has been gracious to provide amazing health and strength for these weeks and has added the blessing and privilege of allowing me to hear stories of His faithfulness in the lives of colleagues.  It has been a pleasure to walk alongside them on their various journeys as we serve together in Bible translation.  Your partnership with your prayers and your gifts has enabled me to help train new members and encourage other trainers and coaches as we have met together.  Thank you!

We will have three different groups of "veteran" missionaries with us in the coming weeks.  Please pray:
  • that we are able to celebrate and care for our colleagues well
  • for good renewal for the staff on the weekends between programs
  • for health and strength for all
  • for good weather for Wednesday evening "field trips" each week
I am so grateful for your many encouragements and countless prayers.  I could not be here without them.  I am praying for you, too.  Let me know if there are specific items I can be remembering with you.