Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Somehow at the Christmas season, it is easier to cut to the chase, to be reminded of what is truly important. So, I want to express my thanks and praise to God for my family and the friends by whom my life has been so blessed. You see, I am "wired" to see God best as He is reflected in the lives of others.

You are as varied as creation itself and by God's grace, you each play a unique role in my life... blessing me, challenging me, encouraging me, humbling me, spurring me on. The roles do change as time goes by, but you are each so much a part of who God is still making me to be. Thank you - I am so thankful for you.

I am thankful for Jesus Christ and His unending love for me and patience with me, as He, above all, is still pursuing me. May you experience His love and grace in a deep and personal way as you celebrate this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Does anyone else have trouble fitting it all in with the right attitude in December?

My first struggle is that the passing of time in life now is so different than when I was still teaching. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I was on a "school calendar" from age 6 to age 43, with only one year off anywhere along the way, and even that was sort of around a school year. There were always events and benchmarks so I knew what came next. Now, time just passes, so Christmas sneaks up on me each year.

Next, there are way too many fun and neat things all pressed into the same small time span - the kinds of things that only come around at Christmas and are wonderful eye and ear "candy." How can I possibly take them all in? And, I never want to miss anything!

My goal this year is to slow down enough to totally engage in the season and all its fullness - I know when I do that I will see God's miracle on our behalf in a new light, with new hope. That's not likely to be easy, but I think it is critical. Otherwise, I will miss too many wonderful and meaningful moments that I will wish later that I could remember clearly.

So, here goes - the commitment to sleep enough, exercise enough (esPECially when things get the busiest), eat sensibly, and remember that only the Word of God and people last forever... It's my goal to be focused on those things. Then, the right things will fit in, and the attitude will come along, too.