Friday, February 21, 2020

Thank you for praying!

We've just finished hosting two Connection groups of Wycliffe colleagues -- 48 co-workers and 20 of their MKs (missionary kids) were at the Orlando headquarters this month. We had opportunity to care for and connect with them. It's our prayer that the Lord will continue to renew them as they prepare to return to their service in places across the United States and the world.

There were also some highlights in my other role -- the Lord provided a complete prayer and financial partnership team for a new missionary I've been coaching. She'll be on her way to Nigeria very soon to work with others helping Nigerians who speak minority languages learn how to craft and share a core set of Scripture stories. Many times, these stories provide the first access to the Bible and will lead to a desire for more translation.

I also got to see a family who is still in the process of asking God to build their team. They passed through Orlando briefly on Tuesday. Apart from their time here for Equip orientation, all of our other coaching meetings have been "remote" ones -- through the internet. It was excellent to be in the same space for at least a little while. We'll continue meeting together regularly until their initial prayer and financial teams are complete.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry. You impact each of these colleagues.

I truly am completely dependent on your prayers and God's strength. Please let me know how I may pray with you. It's an honor to join you.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Access to the Old Testament

In November 2017, the Board of Wycliffe Global Alliance (a community of more than 100 diverse organizations and networks serving together in Bible translation movements around the world) passed a motion expressing its desire to see that the whole Bible is translated for each language still needing it. Historically, the primary focus of most modern Bible translation has been the New Testament.

God’s mission is revealed through the full counsel of Scripture. The Psalms teach us much about prayer, God’s sovereignty, the treasure of God’s Word and many other truths. Imagine being deprived of knowing the richness of the Psalms.

God is calling us to enter into a loving relationship with Him. Even the flawed examples of Abraham and Moses and David give us insights into that relationship. Knowledge of the writings about the law and the sacrificial system helps the New Testament come alive in new ways.

You make a difference. Your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry are a part of this larger picture -- helping language groups all around the world have access to the full counsel of the Bible.

Personal Update

Thank you for your prayers for the projects we undertook in January. We made excellent progress. The month was also a time of much rest and renewal and routine for me, for which I am grateful.

We will host two groups of colleagues in the next two weeks for Connection programs. Pray that we can celebrate them well and encourage them as they continue to serve in a variety of roles all over the world. Your ministry will now extend to all those whom they serve, praise God!