Friday, October 8, 2021

Equip #52

Equip #52 is complete! The technical challenges were different from any of the previous virtual sessions, but the Lord was gracious to enable us to adjust quickly. The participants were highly engaged and worked hard. Their growth during the two weeks was obvious. Thank you -- God used your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry to help us. You have a part in the journey of these 21 new colleagues working in Bible translation! Among them are linguists, theologians, and software developers; a pilot, Sign Language worker, language researcher, counselor, ethnoarts specialist, and church relations worker; and those who will help many to engage with Scripture as it comes in their language for the first time. We thank God for his call on their lives and for their obedience to follow his leading.

Equip #52 virtual, Map by Marty Pelton

This coming Monday and Tuesday, I will be helping with Endeavor orientation for new Wycliffe paid staff. This will be a hybrid event, with some in Orlando and some virtual. I'll still be working from Mom's. Thanks in advance for your prayers for us!

Plans are coming together now for a face-to-face Wycliffe Stateside Connection (WSC), November 1-5, with colleagues who have lived in the U.S. for four years or more. Our goal is to celebrate and care for them well while connecting them with resources available through the Orlando headquarters. Pray that we are able to see all the logistical details we need to see, as this will be the first in-person WSC since February 2020.

Please let me know how I may pray with you. It is a blessing to know God hears and answers prayer!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Praying for Bibleless People

When you last read your Bible, was it for daily devotion, comfort or wisdom? Can you imagine for a moment what it would be like if you didn’t have God’s Word in your own language?

No Psalms, no teaching from Paul, no Proverbs. Nothing. That’s the reality for one in five people around the world. And for some of those people, translation hasn’t even begun. This needs to change.

Here are some ways you can pray:
  • Pray that speakers of every language in the world would receive the Scriptures in whatever form they need it.
  • Pray for quality translations that speak meaningfully to people’s hearts.
  • Ask God to raise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil for Bible translation through worship and intercession.
  • Pray for perseverance. Pray that those involved in the Bible translation task would not grow weary or give up before the work is complete.
Virtual Equip #52 orientation begins tomorrow, with 21 adults and 13 MKs (missionary kids). Pray for technical things to run smoothly and for two good weeks online together as these new colleagues begin their Wycliffe careers. God is using your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry to impact these "newbies" who will serve around the world so that more may have their lives transformed by God's Word in a language they clearly understand. Thank you!

I'll be working from Mom's in Indiana as we facilitate this Equip. Mom continues to make progress, healing from her fall and gaining strength after her heart procedures. We are grateful for your ongoing prayers.

Please let me know how I may pray with you.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Trusting God's Plan

I had this all ready to post last Friday:

We're so grateful for your prayers for me and for Mom as she has gone through a variety of procedures this summer. We are excited that her recovery is progressing well. Yesterday, she even ventured out on a short bike ride. She wanted me to make sure you all know she is 88 now. ;-)

I can now set a timeline to return to Florida. Lord willing, I will drive south on September 18, in time to catch up on some routine medical/dental appointments and then be a part of Equip. I will also have the opportunity to settle back into the Orlando office, which is in the midst of some renovation and reorganization. Pray that Mom and I transition well -- that we are ready when the time comes. By September 18, I will have been in Indiana for 129 days.

Mom, out for a ride last Thursday

But, early that morning, Mom fell and broke bones in her right wrist and ring finger. She is past the pain of it, but she is unable to use her walker as her right hand heals. She's navigating some new challenges. I'm thankful I am still able to be here. I do not have a departure date in mind now.

God has been so very gracious these past months. Remote work continues. I am thankful that I am still able to serve with Wycliffe -- and am so thankful for your prayers and gifts that have made all that possible these past 11 years. God is continuing to use you!

Pray for our final preparations for Equip #52 -- it's coming soon! More about that next time.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Thanking God and You

I heard wonderful reports of the two weeks of Connection programs in Orlando that served our furloughing colleagues. God used your prayers. One of the "crew" members shared a story of how the Lord enabled her to have significant influence in the life of an MK (missionary kid). You prayed for her as you prayed for the Connections. That "crew' member is someone I coached as she asked the Lord to build her initial team of prayer and financial partners. As you've prayed for those I coach, you've prayed for her in the past, too! I rejoice that your prayers for my Wycliffe ministry had an impact, though I wasn't even there. Don't you love God's amazing plan?

Final preparations are in full swing for the next two-week Equip orientation, September 25 - October 7. The decision was made to hold that event virtually, rather than face-to-face. Though we will miss the interaction that would have been possible together in Orlando, we are confident that the Lord is sovereign over this. We are grateful for the six previous virtual opportunities that have positioned us well for this session. Pray that we will continue to be aware of all the details needed to train and encourage these "newbies" well.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for Mom and for me. Mom's progress continues to be slow but noticeable. We praise God that she celebrated her 88th birthday yesterday! There are more doctor and lab visits and cardiac rehab appointments in her near future. I am thankful for the ongoing opportunity to serve from Indy and assist her, too.

Friday, July 30, 2021


Forgive me for getting a bit emotional; I just couldn’t believe that your colleagues would spend many years working on a Nastaliq-style Arabic digital font with the hope that Scripture might be translated into this language one day...Thank you!

So said a potential new funding partner in the middle of a meeting in Asia last year. The font she was talking about is called Awami Nastaliq, and it was developed by the Writing Systems Technology team of Wycliffe’s strategic partner, SIL.

Awami Nastaliq is an Arabic-script font specifically intended for a wide variety of languages of Southwest Asia. Its sloping beauty means that it is a much more complex font to render on computers. Many Arabic characters usually need around four shapes to enable it to be typed, but a Nastaliq character typically has more than 20 shapes as it is so fluid and complex. Font designers and computer programmers from Scotland, the USA and Asia worked together to produce the correct shaping.

The Writing Systems Technology team gives away the fonts they develop in order to provide a service to the wider community. One of the designers noted, “People download an unbelievable number of our fonts – hundreds of thousands of times. So as well as Bible translation, our fonts are being used for tens of millions of webpages around the world to enable communication that otherwise couldn’t happen in that language.”

Read more of Alfred Thompson’s story at

Over the years, I have regularly asked for prayer for those who come through Equip orientation. One past “Equipper” is Becca (, who has been a font/type designer now for ten years. Your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry have been a part of her journey as she continues to help create fonts and impact language groups just like these. Thank you!

Personal Update

We are thankful for all your prayers and for all the medical care Mom has received, between her primary care, her heart valve replacement, her pacemaker, and even the balancing of the meds that are so important to her daily life. We are confident that “...all the days of my life were written in your book before any of them came to be.” (Psalm 139:16, NLV) ...and know that God is present with us through each day, now and in the future.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and encouragements!