Friday, September 29, 2023


A 4-wheel drive vehicle is a valuable tool for Bible translation! One of Wycliffe's strategic partners, JAARS, has a center in North Carolina where missionaries can go to learn how to be successful as drivers in what we would consider "off-road" conditions, but that might be very normal where they live and serve.

In this video, Casey & Valerie Ellis, share about the vehicle training they received. They also talk about how God is using his Word to change the lives of people in Vanuatu. Your partnership through your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry is a part of the bigger picture, helping others not only have a translated Bible, but also helping them learn how to make it a part of their lives and how to share it with others.

Highlights this month:
- My Wycliffe workload is at a good level.
- The Lord is providing much wisdom for some unique situations with new clients.
- I got to work with a group doing software testing for an update coming in October. (see below)
- The last details of the estate were closed on Sep 7.
- I had opportunity to spend an extended weekend in Kansas, where I first taught school. It was a great time reconnecting and my first vacation this year.
- I've begun helping with Jr High Sunday School at Faith Church. I'm enjoying getting acquainted and have been able to be "technical support" for the lead teacher.

Items for prayer:
- For the people of Vanuatu to understand the Bible and be transformed by it.
- This weekend, there will be a major software update for an important process our team uses regularly. I'll be involved in final testing on Monday.
- We're beginning to figure out what "family" gatherings look like in this chapter of life. Everyone's coming to my place tomorrow for some birthday celebrations.
- I have begun using a sleep apnea device. Pray for good adjustment to it and for improved sleep.
- I'm helping with audio/visual needs at Faith's Women's Retreat, Oct 6-8.

Thank you for your prayers. God has been using them in my life. Please, let me know how to pray with you, too.

Friday, August 25, 2023

The Hope of Christ

When a strong tsunami struck the Arop community of Papua New Guinea in 1998, more than 2,200 people were killed, including one member of the Bible translation team. In the wake of that tragedy, the surviving translation team members felt a deep sense of urgency to help other nearby language communities have the hope of Christ. Today 11 communities in the area, including Arop, are involved in Bible translation.

Clement, a Bible translator for one of the communities, heard music as he walked home from church one Sunday morning. He noticed a crowd gathering outside a church and saw the people listening to lyrics that had been written during a recent songwriting workshop. “I feel so glad that these translated Scriptures in song are being listened to and are sparking more interest in the translated Word of God,” he said. “Now I’m hearing people humming the Scripture songs, and I’m encouraged to keep translating.”

Through your prayer and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry, you help others have the hope of Christ. Thank you!

Faith's GO (Global Outreach) Time weekend was such an encouragement! [Welcome to those who are new to these updates.:-)] It was a privilege to share about what God is doing in Bible translation and to invite others to consider how the Lord might use their gifts in the process. I soon hope to have access to a video of the seminar from Sunday evening. I'll pass that link on when it's available.

On a personal note, my parents' home was sold to their grandson (my nephew) and wife in early August. That is a blessing in many ways! The smoothness of the process is evidence of so many prayers on our behalf. We are all grateful.

Prayer requests:
- for the 11 translation projects in Papua New Guinea to make good progress.
- that I would continue to have wisdom to do my work well.
- that we'd find the right combination of options to help my mild sleep apnea.
- that the last details of the estate would close smoothly.

Please, let me know how to pray with you, too.

Thanking God for you all,

Friday, July 7, 2023

GO Time schedule!

Faith's GO (Global Outreach) Time podcast will be released today. You will be able to find it on the Faith Church app or here. I had the opportunity to share additional “life story” details on a Women of Faith podcast last year. Guys -- it would be fine for you to hear, too! (Thanks to Claire Kingsley for all her work on the podcasts!)

Sunday, July 16 at 9 AM or 10:45 AM: I'll be sharing briefly Sunday Morning during the services at Faith Church and will be connecting with folks between services.

Sunday, July 16 at 7 PM: Hybrid Seminar: The Ministry of the Ordinary: Have you ever wondered how your skills could be used in building God’s Kingdom? Join us for a seminar about how God can use “everyday” tasks to make the mundane an act of worship, joining with the God who holds all things together. (Join in person in the Worship Center at Faith Church or view the livestream.)

Tuesday, July 18 at 7 PM: Hybrid Prayer Meeting (join in person in Room 152 at Faith or on Zoom.)
Meeting ID: 837 5479 2733
Passcode: 135980

I look forward to seeing Indy friends next weekend. If you aren't able to attend one of these events but would like to touch base another time, please let me know. My schedule is now flexible enough for us to meet and I'd love that!

Friday, June 16, 2023

GO Time!

July 14-16, at Faith Church, I'll have an opportunity to share about Wycliffe and the story of how we (you and I) are part of taking the Bible to others in a language they clearly understand. I'll email more details as they become available about this GO (Global Outreach) Time weekend.

Please pray as I prepare, that the Lord would lead me to the right stories and illustrations so the Spirit might move some to whatever next steps He has planned for them. We'll focus lots on those kinds of roles that have always been a best fit for me -- those roles in the background. Ok, no more hints now. You'll need to come and join us in person or online. :-)

Thank you for your faithful prayers as I've been settling in, developing new life and work routines, and continuing with the remaining details of Mom's estate. We are getting very close to being finished with estate matters and could possibly have them completed in August. I'm grateful for the help we have had from so many.

My role helping Wycliffe colleagues with finance things is a good brain stretch for me. I'm also seeing it in a new light as a distinct privilege. I'm noticing more and more that many who come my way are in seasons of struggle, so for at least this brief moment in our journey together, I'm able to pray for them as I fulfill my tasks. And as you pray and give for my Wycliffe ministry, you are impacting those co-workers, too.

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Bible Translator's Assistant

Most of the languages in the world without a Bible translation are minority languages with few resources. The Bible Translator’s Assistant is a cutting-edge software to help bridge that gap. Developed by Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada in collaboration with partners like Wycliffe USA, The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA) is speeding up Bible translation!

The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA) is able to combine grammar analysis of a language with templates of books of the Bible and create an initial translated draft. The software can be used with any language that has been analyzed to work with the program. Local translators then polish the draft through a variety of team and community checks.

Language communities who have used TBTA report that it reduces the overall time and cost of translating a Scripture up to 40%. This means an Old Testament could be translated in only half the time or an entire Bible translation could be completed in 12-13 years rather than the average of 20 years! Praise God that he continues to bring his Word to the peoples of the world so their lives might be transformed. This is what we are a part of in the "big picture" of Bible translation. That is a thrill to me!

Thank you for your continued faithful prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry. The member finance tasks have been going well and I've enjoyed the mental challenge of completing them. The member care opportunities are beginning to expand as we have better access to information to keep in touch with our members.

There were a couple of delays for my move, but everything is now in the new house. There is still some sorting and rearranging to do, but I'm settling in and things are functional. It's beginning to feel like home. I'm so thankful for help from family and friends/partners/small group folks. The whole process has been such a gift to me. I'm in the stages now of finding gas stations and grocery stores and the post office and a hair salon and... you understand. :-) Once again, I am aware of and grateful for your prayers as I begin to find routine for this chapter.