Friday, December 7, 2018


I have been completely surrounded by God's people. My officemates and small group friends have kept my refrigerator full and been so very gracious. For those of you who aren't local to me, your many prayers and notes and emails and texts and calls and encouragements during these past two weeks have been such a blessing... and I'm sure they are the key to my recovery.

My surgeon was extremely pleased with the results and with the recovery process so far, so we are moving forward to schedule the right hip replacement near the end of February. He also said I should be good to fly, so I arrive in Indy on Dec 8.

Though my mobility is way ahead of schedule for the recovery, my stamina has been a little slower to return, just as expected. It's likely that I'll be hanging out in Brownsburg a little more than "normal" this December, but I plan to be at Faith Church on December 9, 23 and 30, and at Solid Word Bible Church on December 16. I look forward to touching base with many of you then.

As you continue to pray for me, also pray for those who will not be able to know the story of Jesus' birth this Christmas in a language and form that speaks to their hearts. There are good resources available on to help guide your prayers. It's also possible to get involved in praying for a specific group of people and to receive updates as progress is made in translation for that language group. Sign up here.