Friday, June 16, 2023

GO Time!

July 14-16, at Faith Church, I'll have an opportunity to share about Wycliffe and the story of how we (you and I) are part of taking the Bible to others in a language they clearly understand. I'll email more details as they become available about this GO (Global Outreach) Time weekend.

Please pray as I prepare, that the Lord would lead me to the right stories and illustrations so the Spirit might move some to whatever next steps He has planned for them. We'll focus lots on those kinds of roles that have always been a best fit for me -- those roles in the background. Ok, no more hints now. You'll need to come and join us in person or online. :-)

Thank you for your faithful prayers as I've been settling in, developing new life and work routines, and continuing with the remaining details of Mom's estate. We are getting very close to being finished with estate matters and could possibly have them completed in August. I'm grateful for the help we have had from so many.

My role helping Wycliffe colleagues with finance things is a good brain stretch for me. I'm also seeing it in a new light as a distinct privilege. I'm noticing more and more that many who come my way are in seasons of struggle, so for at least this brief moment in our journey together, I'm able to pray for them as I fulfill my tasks. And as you pray and give for my Wycliffe ministry, you are impacting those co-workers, too.