Friday, September 29, 2023


A 4-wheel drive vehicle is a valuable tool for Bible translation! One of Wycliffe's strategic partners, JAARS, has a center in North Carolina where missionaries can go to learn how to be successful as drivers in what we would consider "off-road" conditions, but that might be very normal where they live and serve.

In this video, Casey & Valerie Ellis, share about the vehicle training they received. They also talk about how God is using his Word to change the lives of people in Vanuatu. Your partnership through your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry is a part of the bigger picture, helping others not only have a translated Bible, but also helping them learn how to make it a part of their lives and how to share it with others.

Highlights this month:
- My Wycliffe workload is at a good level.
- The Lord is providing much wisdom for some unique situations with new clients.
- I got to work with a group doing software testing for an update coming in October. (see below)
- The last details of the estate were closed on Sep 7.
- I had opportunity to spend an extended weekend in Kansas, where I first taught school. It was a great time reconnecting and my first vacation this year.
- I've begun helping with Jr High Sunday School at Faith Church. I'm enjoying getting acquainted and have been able to be "technical support" for the lead teacher.

Items for prayer:
- For the people of Vanuatu to understand the Bible and be transformed by it.
- This weekend, there will be a major software update for an important process our team uses regularly. I'll be involved in final testing on Monday.
- We're beginning to figure out what "family" gatherings look like in this chapter of life. Everyone's coming to my place tomorrow for some birthday celebrations.
- I have begun using a sleep apnea device. Pray for good adjustment to it and for improved sleep.
- I'm helping with audio/visual needs at Faith's Women's Retreat, Oct 6-8.

Thank you for your prayers. God has been using them in my life. Please, let me know how to pray with you, too.