Friday, February 19, 2016

Between Connections

Thank you for your prayers these past two weeks. Endeavor (Paid Staff orientation) went very well. I was thankful to be able to "cover" a few things on behalf of a co-worker who was dealing with laryngitis, especially since she and others have covered for me at times when I was not well.

Then, this past week at The Wycliffe Connection, we have been privileged to celebrate 32 furloughing colleagues (and 13 MKs) from overseas. Over and over, we have heard amazing stories of God's faithfulness in their lives. Some of these new friends serve where they are able to be lights in very dark places. Would you pray that God will continue to renew and encourage them as they prepare to head back? Thank you!

Next week, we host a group of US-based colleagues. Thanks in advance for your prayers as we step away for this weekend to rest and to finish our preparations for their arrival.

Think of it -- these co-workers serve in their various ways; we encourage; you pray for and give toward my Wycliffe ministry... and the Lord weaves all of it together to speed Bible translation so that all may have access to the Truth in the language that best speaks to their hearts.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Equip and more


January was a great time, welcoming 26 new colleagues for their Wycliffe USA orientation: Equip. Among the “newbies” are pilots and linguists and teachers and accountants and animators and IT folks. They are headed all around the globe to do their part to help eradicate Bible poverty. As you prayed for them and for me, your partnership now extends to reap the blessing for all God will accomplish through their service.

So what does Equip look like for me? I am teaching again, using skills practiced during 20 years of school teaching, just with different content. Part of what I get to teach is the use of software I learned while in the offices at Faith. Then, I help out with the logistics (another skill I got to practice at Faith!) needed to keep a large group together and functioning for two weeks. It is a privilege to be able to walk alongside these new co-workers early in their journey and to serve with such a committed and godly team of facilitators.

The Big Picture

Can you remember suddenly understanding something significant for the first time…? You might have been feeling pretty excited and joyful. Marinne Weststrate observed that excitement and joy in a service in central Nigeria as some heard Scripture for the first time in their heart language.

I attended a church where services were held in the national language. Many of those who attended spoke Gworog, a minority language. A guest speaker was invited to preach, but since he did not speak the national language, he preached in English. Someone then translated the sermon into the national language.

As the service continued, one of the translators was asked to read Scripture. He read from a recently translated passage in Gworog. Everyone listened attentively. From everywhere in church, I heard chuckles and whispering. One of the women later exclaimed, “Hearing the Word in Gworog is so sweet!”*

There are nearly 1800 languages who still do not have access to a single verse of the Bible in the language that best speaks to their hearts. Thank you for your part in helping bring that sweetness to them.

*Story Source: