Friday, January 20, 2017

Equip #33 Update

Just a quick update from Equip here. We are all doing well, but some are a little weary. Pray for a restful weekend for participants and crew and for good strength to finish well next week. This is an amazing group of new colleagues and they have been working hard and learning much. As they move forward, developing their teams of prayer and financial partners, pray that God will speed their way, so that they may take their places around the world... as teachers, translators, animators, helicopter pilots, medical doctors, land transportation specialists... and in many other roles. Your partnership with my Wycliffe ministry now extends to all those who will be impacted by the Scriptures produced as a result of their service. Thank you!

Friday, January 6, 2017

"This is where my life is."

Anna is a single mother from northern Botswana. She sat quietly, eagerly listening to the conversation and pouring over the words of her Setswana translated Bible.

Never before had Anna received the opportunity to learn the Scriptures for herself instead of having someone tell her. The churches she used to attend taught false doctrines, she says, and convinced members that the only way to know God was directly through the pastors in charge, rather than through the Bible. Anna was never satisfied with only hearing what these people of power claimed as truth.

When Anna began attending Sunday morning Bible study, she was suddenly handed the power and confidence to listen, ask questions and learn more and more about God’s Word for herself.

“I used to only know God by mouth, but now, by learning the Bible, I know this is where my life is. If I hold onto the Bible, I will have a good life."

Thank you for your prayers for a good visit to Indiana. I was very encouraged by my time to connect with family and friends and to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Looking ahead, please pray for the 23 new missionaries and their 8 MKs (missionary kids) who will be coming to Orlando, January 14-27, for Equip orientation. It is a privilege to train these new colleagues on your behalf as they begin their Wycliffe journey. They will soon serve around the world, working to accelerate Bible translation so that many more like Anna may have access to the Scriptures.