Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The last two weeks

I am thankful to feel much better than I did when I wrote the previous post. This should catch you up on what has happened since then.

The week of Nov 15, I spent much time packing and repacking for the move to Orlando. (This is a move into temporary housing; I didn't need to bring any furniture with me.) I also helped Mom prep to host 23 folks from our extended family on Saturday for Thanksgiving. Plus, I still slept a fair amount. I did feel a little better each day, thankfully.

Saturday's family gathering was a good day. Said some goodbyes then, but I knew I would see most of my immediate family again on Sunday.

Sunday was a big day at Faith Church. Most of the service was focused on Village Life Church, the coming church plant in the Broad Ripple area. It was exciting to be present for such a service and sense the commitment and excitement that is growing.

At the end of each service, there was a time of commissioning for me. Both were meaningful, reminding me of the faithfulness of God in leading me to Wycliffe Bible Translators, and of the faithfulness of God's people who are partnering with me as I go.

Most of my immediate family was at Mom's for the afternoon. We watched a heartbreaking Colts' loss (or Jared would say a stunning Patriots' victory) and enjoyed each other's company. The goodbyes came all too soon. I love my family and will miss seeing them as regularly as I was able to do in Indy. I am thankful for cell phones and text messages and FB.

Monday, I took off. The Jetta is loaded to the gills. (Really good I didn't need to bring furniture now!) I had two good travel days and a restful night in between. I arrived this afternoon at Treasure Island, FL, on the Gulf of Mexico, just north of the entrance to Tampa Bay.

Wait. I am moving to Orlando, right? Well, a friend recommended that it might be helpful to take a few days and rest and process things before jumping headlong into the next chapter. The cool part is, about the time my friend suggested this, I received a check from my previous employer for some unused vacation time. I had no idea it was coming! It was exciting to watch God provide!

Tonight, I took a walk on the beach, about ten minutes before the sun disappeared below the horizon. Totally cool to watch. This will be a good place to rest and reflect on the changes taking place in my life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Then and Now

It was the spring of '75. We had been doing 2-a-day rehearsals for band and then, of course, school in between. We were prepping for the big trip to Orlando where we were to march at Disney World!

I remember going shopping for sandals the evening before we were to leave. I couldn't find any - either they didn't fit or I hated them. And I cried. NOT something that was a normal habit in my 17 year-old life!

I don't remember the trip down. I do remember going to Sea World and having a good time. Then I remember ending up in the ER in Kissimmee and being "quarantined" in a hotel room for the rest of the trip. My sis had to pitch a fit just to be allowed to see me! They told me I had scarlatina.

Back in Brownsburg, my doc said I most likely had mono. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)

Now, here I am getting ready to head to Orlando again, but this time, it's a move and not just a visit. And, EBV has chosen this time to reactivate, after being dormant in my body for the last 35 years. My 52 year-old bod is not recovering quite as fast this time. I am in week five of symptoms. But at least now I know what it is, and I know I am not crazy. There is actually something wrong.

And, now that I have a diagnosis, I know that it is unlikely that I could pass this to anyone through incidental contact. That helps a bunch, since I am in the phase of meeting with folks and saying goodbyes. I'm just not the kind of person who likes to do that by waving from across the room.

I am learning how much I have taken my health for granted. It is very humbling that I can take a 2-hr nap and then still have trouble making it through dinner. I am learning more and more that I must depend on God - yes, even for daily, physical strength. Good lessons to be learning at any time of life.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November Newsletter

Here is my November newsletter.

I am in the process of making lists and packing and getting ready for a move to Orlando. Wow! This has all been such an amazing process!