Friday, August 28, 2020

The True Word of the Only God

The Huichol Bible was dedicated on July 10 in Mexico. This video (5:34) about the ceremony is in Spanish, but if you select "CC" at the bottom right, the subtitles are in English. (See the green arrow for location of the Closed Captions button.) This story is similar to many of the translation projects around the world today -- local language speakers have the principal role in translating God's Word into their own languages. Through your prayers and gifts, God is using you as more people like the Huichol are transformed through the translated Scriptures. Thank you!

The Huichol Bible Dedication

Equip #48, September 26 - October 8, will be virtual. Please pray:
  • For all of the technical aspects for 30 adults and six Crew, spread across four time zones.
  • Five of the families have pre-school children. Pray as they manage extra variables.
  • For health and strength for all involved.
I am so grateful for your many prayers and encouragements. Please let me know how I may stand with you in prayer.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Why haven't I heard this before?

Thank you — your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry matter. They impact all those who come to us for training… which means your ministry extends to all those who will be served someday by those colleagues. Here is how one of those stories unfolded!

Michelle and Nicholle are sisters who came through Equip and went on to Tanzania. They are currently stateside, but are continuing to serve the people of Tanzania. Here’s a report on a part of their ministry:

In January, February, and early March we continued editing audio recordings of the gospel of Luke from here in the U.S. to assist a partner ministry as they completed recordings in Dodoma. One translator, Ester, reported that her team took the recordings to their villages to share with their neighbors - most of whom practice another major world religion. The response they often received was, “Why haven’t I heard this before?” One neighbor who is a Christian, responded with, “I’ve heard the Scriptures and read them many times, but in Swahili. Hearing it now in my language is like hearing it for the first time.” Praise the Lord for the way He is at work through His Word!

Story Source: Michelle and Nicholle Haupt
Personal Update

My family and I are well. The break in my wrist is healed. I’m still regaining complete strength but am essentially not limited at all now, thankfully.

Working from the office continues to go well. We’re making good progress on curriculum revisions and preparing as much as possible for coming programs. Thank you for your continued prayers as we walk through doors when the Lord opens them!