Friday, April 8, 2022

Nigerian Sign Language

Famine and terrorism have dominated the news out of northern Nigeria in the past few years. However, there is good news. Deaf Bible translators from DOOR have completed a 110-narrative Chronological Study Bible in Nigerian Sign Language.

Deaf people best understand the Gospel when a Deaf believer shares it with them in the local sign language. Furthermore, Deaf people prefer to learn new information in a chronological order. They like to “see the big picture” from beginning to end.

That’s why our Deaf staff chose Chronological Bible Translation (CBT) as the most culturally appropriate way to communicate God’s Word with Deaf communities. We’ve found CBT to be a very clear, accurate, and natural way to teach unreached Deaf people about God. Because Deaf people can easily understand God’s Word when it is in narrative form, they are able to go and teach it to others.

Each Chronological Bible Translation consists of 110 biblical narratives from Genesis to Revelation. Each narrative is accompanied by an introduction to give context, and a section giving more information about the passage.

Blessing, a Deaf Nigerian woman, was involved in the community testing of Acts 16:16-40, the story of the stoning of Stephen. (Community testing helps the team ensure that the translation is clear and easily understood by the community.) Blessing said, “In northern Nigeria, there is a real threat to Christianity. I was challenged that—just like Stephen—I need to be strong and share the Word of God, no matter the cost.”

Story Source: Elaine Bombay, Wycliffe Global Alliance;

Personal Update

It’s been nice to see Spring in Indiana again — the beginnings of color! My favorites are the redbud trees.

Mom’s health has been stable, praise God. I am thankful my sister was able to come spend time with Mom while I stepped away for a weekend recently. That’s a practice I’ll plan to build in about once a quarter. I’m finding that after having lived by myself for decades, I do miss having some solitude.

It has been a joy to more regularly reconnect with folks from the Indianapolis area. What a blessing to have a number of solid friendships here already. I am also grateful for your continued, faithful prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry. Thank you! It’s an honor to extend your impact to those still in need of God’s Word.