Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pacer Fan-atic

Yep, she is a definite fan. Even in the years when they are not exactly anything to write home about. She clapped and cheered until the end last night, even though they didn't pull it out.

It was fun to watch the guy with the T-shirt cannon, and that huge barrel thing that shoots 5 or 6 mini-basketballs at a time, and of course it was interesting to watch two guys run around in overgrown hampster balls. Oh, and there was basketball to watch, yes!

But the best part was just having a fun evening out on the town together, and then there was the big hug from Boomer. No, Dave, that is NOT me in the costume!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A New Tool

This morning, I updated my Facebook status to say that I love GoToAssist! I guess that means I am currently in a nerd phase.

GoToAssist Express - Check it out. Or search YouTube for it. You will find a couple of videos that I didn't necessarily want to link from here, but there is some good humor there in the midst of an explanation.

In the past few weeks, I have been able to connect to computers in MD, OH, and of course, IN, without leaving home... to help out with little tidbits or puzzles. (Tried a connection to Ukraine, but had a little complication come up. Still waiting on the first International Geek Tour!)

It's cool to be able to be there, especially when I am not really able to be there, if you know what I mean. And, the crazy part is, you will notice this is listed in the category of "Fun stuff" for me. Really! Give me a shout if you get stuck sometime, and I'll do what I can to help. :-)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Race for the Cure

Dear Friends and Family,

I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support the Komen Indianapolis Race for the Cure on April 19, 2008 in the fight against breast cancer. One in eight women will be stricken with breast cancer in her lifetime and the more we raise, the more the Komen Indianapolis Race for the Cure® can give back to fund vital breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs in our own community and support the national search for a cure.

Please join me in the fight by pledging in support of my participation in the Race or contributing generously to the Komen Indianapolis Race for the Cure. Your tax-deductible contribution will fund innovative outreach and awareness programs for medically underserved communities in 21 central Indiana counties and national breast cancer research. It is faster and easier than ever to support this great cause - you can make a donation online by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of this message. If you would prefer, you can also send your tax-deductible contribution to the address listed below. Whatever you can give will help! I truly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you so much for your time and support in the fight against breast cancer! Every step counts!

To sponsor my participation online, click here.

To sponsor via standard mail, please send checks only (no cash!) to:
Indianapolis Race for the Cure
P.O. Box 6069
Department 84
Indianapolis, IN 46202-6069