Friday, February 20, 2015

What's been going on in February?

Thank you for your prayers for all that has taken place in February.  The first Connection program went smoothly and the weekend with the Brothers and Sisters at Solid Word Bible Church was a blessing and encouragement to me.  Solid Word, you worship well and have such a heart for the world and a commitment to action - to be the hands and feet ready to be used of God!  It is a joy to partner with you.  You challenge me to pursue holiness.
This week, I received valentines from Faith Church folks and Village Life Church folks.  You all come alongside so effectively - I never feel alone as I am away from you.  Thank you for allowing me to be here - to extend your ministry to impact those who are yet without Scripture in the language that speaks to their heart. 
This coming week, we will host 19 colleagues and their 12 children for another Connection program.  Pray that we serve them well and that God will renew and re-energize them as they prepare to return to the task.  God will multiply your prayers and gifts - your partnership - to transform lives through the translated Word as these co-workers go out.  Thank you! 
I am praying for you, too.  Please let me know if there are specifics I may remember on your behalf.
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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Life-Transforming Word!

Paulo is a Bible translator in Tanzania who is working on a translation of the Bible in his own language, Rangi. Recently he attended a chronological Bible storying conference. These conferences teach people how to tell stories from the Bible in a chronological way, so they can share the Gospel in oral cultures where storytelling comes more naturally than reading and writing.

During this workshop, the Holy Spirit opened Paulo’s eyes to see that he was depending on his works for salvation. He discovered that salvation only comes through the grace of God by the sacrifice Christ made on the cross.

Today, Paulo can’t stop talking about God’s grace and sharing it with everyone. A Wycliffe colleague who works with Paulo recently shared, “I have often glanced over at him (Paulo) while we are working and his eyes are filled with tears. He just shakes his head and says, ‘Grace, God’s grace.’ It overwhelms him.”

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February Agenda

In the two sessions of week-long Connection programs this month, we will host about 40 colleagues and their families from all around the U.S.A and the world. Your partnership with my Wycliffe ministry allows me to serve these co-workers on your behalf. Thank you for that privilege. It is always a blessing to hear stories about the faithfulness of God and about lives that are being transformed as people have access to the Bible in the language of their hearts – the language in which they think and dream and pray.

I also look forward to a very quick visit to Indianapolis, worshiping with the Solid Word Bible Church Brothers and Sisters on Sunday, February 15, as a part of their Missions Month.