Friday, March 31, 2017

Equip 34 comes tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will welcome 26 new colleagues and their 21 children to begin Wycliffe's new missionary onsite orientation (Equip) in Orlando. They have already completed six weeks of online training and are ready for the "last leg" before being launched out to build their teams of prayer and financial partners so they might take their places around the world, helping to accelerate Bible translation. As you pray for me and for them in these next two weeks, God will be extending YOUR ministry to the Bibleless through them. I love that part!

Also, tomorrow, I begin the "last leg" of a full stretch of schedule that began mid-February. God has been gracious in providing amazing health and strength the entire way... and even this week, He has provided extra help in little ways. Please continue to pray for health and an ever-growing dependence on the Lord so that I serve in His strength, rather than my own.

So thankful for you. Let me know how I may be praying with you, too.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Power of the Bible

Dr. Camille is a new colleague who understood her need for a relationship with Jesus after reading the Bible. It was a joy to be on the training team as she went through Equip orientation last year. May her testimony encourage you and be a reminder of the power of the Word of God.

Your partnership through your prayers and gifts is so important. You are on the team that God is using to transform lives as others access the Scriptures in the language that speaks most clearly to their hearts.

Mom and I are having a good visit. Thanks for your prayers for our time and for the Health Plan Advisory Committee meetings, which went well this week. Later this month, we will host a group of 30 colleagues for a Connection program and then I will attend team meetings about an hour north of Orlando. I'd appreciate your prayers for the ability to be "in the moment" in each event.