Friday, April 24, 2015

Equip and Endeavor

I can't wait to share about what God has done these past two weeks - more about that in the next update - but I wanted to make sure to thank you now for your prayers for health and grace. I am well now and was able to fully participate during Equip. I am very grateful. It was such an encouraging time, working with new colleagues who have followed God's call into the Bible translation team.

I do have one time-sensitive request - this coming Monday and Tuesday, I will be working with a team to provide orientation for some of the paid staff members at the Wycliffe USA Mobilization Center where I serve. This is the third such orientation called "Endeavor"... and I became ill both of the previous times and was not able to fulfill my responsibilities. The team rallied to cover for me each time and things went well overall, but I would love to be able to fully contribute this time. Would you pray for these two days? Thank you! You are a crucial part of this team that God is using to take His Word to those who still need it in the language of their heart.

Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Friday!

I am humbled by the outpouring of prayers on my behalf. Thank you to the scores of you who replied - many with just the word "praying!" My prayer is that each of you have that same kind of encouragement as you encounter the challenges of life. The fellowship of praying together and seeing God work -- either by resolving things or by giving grace in the midst of the struggles -- is such a blessing.

God is answering. I am thankful to be making good progress. I appreciate your continued prayers for health and grace for me and the entire Equip team as we begin tomorrow. Looking ahead, here's a list of programs coming up. We are completely dependent on your prayers and God's strength.

Looking back, Mom and I had a great visit in March. We were able to see and do some fun things around the state and just enjoyed spending time together. Remember, you're always welcome here, too. :-)

Today, one of the gals in my department will be very busy. She is heading up a logistical support group following along in a van as her husband and another cyclist take off at 10:15am EDT for a 24-hour, 363-mile ride to raise awareness for Bible translation. Would you pray for Doug & Dan and their crew? Follow their ride and get more information at Spoke 'n Word.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Yesterday, my throat began to get sore, so I headed home early to try to rest and get ahead of it. This morning, I still feel pretty lousy. Other folks in the office have had similar recently, and they have usually struggled with it for about a week... and it has tended to be easily passed around. Equip begins this Saturday.

May I ask you to pray that I will be able to get better faster and also not pass this on to anyone else on the Equip team? I truly appreciate your prayers on our behalf.