Friday, March 21, 2014

Email and Encouragements

March has gone so quickly!  Mom and I have had good times together.  We will be traveling to Ft. Myers this weekend to meet with some friends who moved here from Indiana; then she heads home on Wednesday.  (Thanks in advance for your prayers on our behalf.)  I am blessed to have had this time with her and thank the Lord for her.

There have been some significant changes in office email procedures this month and consequently, many things to learn.  It has been challenging (and at times frustrating) to get up to speed with new ways of doing things, but the changes should allow us as an organization to better steward the resources God has given us.  We also should be able to work more effectively with a number of our partner organizations now, as we are all on the same system.  It was a gift to have time within my schedule to become familiar with the new practices before our onsite programs begin again in April.  Thank God with me for growth opportunities!

This month in particular, I have been encouraged and spurred on as I have watched God at work in the lives of those whom I coach as they are asking Him to build their initial prayer and financial partnership teams.  My faith is being renewed and energized as I see the Lord confirm the call He has placed on each of their lives and as He meets their needs

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mom is visiting!

Mom is here for a visit this month, so we are enjoying some Florida diversions, like a Braves/Nationals spring training game last evening.
Inline image 1
It's great to have her here, and she seems to be enjoying stepping away from the last bits of Indiana winter. (I just saw "freezing fog" in the forecast there for today!)

There are no onsite programs for our department in March, so we are catching up and preparing for the April through July stretch ahead.  Please pray we are able to both rest and plan well during this time.