Monday, March 10, 2008


I have definitely gotten to communication-overload stage, trying to not only keep up with e-mail, but now also, Facebook. But I am having such a great time catching up with folks from almost every chapter of my life. It seems to be a place where I can get a glimpse of a number of friends and see what is on their minds and what is happening in their lives.

Yes, I know, it is a little odd that many say exactly what they think, without seeming to care how many people (or even which people!) might read their words. I was trying to describe it to my Mom - it reminds me a little of the school lunchroom - you have some "say" over who sits at your table, but your conversation can generally be heard by those at the next table, too. Or, maybe it is a little like the old-town "party line" phone system, where you never knew exactly who might be eavesdropping as you chat.

This is totally not profound, but one of those things I just have to say - to me, in a techno-kind of crazy way, it does seem to show how much relationships are important to us, especially when the busy-ness of life tries so hard to squeeze them out. It really does matter that we can stay connected with people... even if we aren't able to sit on the porch swing or lean over the fence to carry on the conversation.