Friday, October 5, 2007

Art at Alchemy
This evening I was reminded of how limited my perspective can be. I went downtown for the opening evening of an art exhibition. It was a great experience. Mark has wonderful diversity in media and subject matter. The piece shown on the link above includes an image of a tall ship - the intricate detail is incredible. But most of Mark's art would not be considered representational. Instead, his outlook is larger and broader than mine -- Mark sees the world in ways I do not. Perhaps I need to look at the world from other perspectives more often.

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  1. Is this Jim and Shirley's son? I've heard lots about his art, but never seen it. You be up for a repeat visit? Perhaps instead of OR in addition to a walk on Saturday the 27th? If you're not interested or can't make it, I'm still good for a walk on Saturday mid-morning.