Monday, November 5, 2007

Colts Mania!

Such sadness! Such angst! Such yelling and screaming like I have never heard! Just a normal Sunday afternoon at the Meharry household. The funny part is watching my Mom and my sis during the course of a game like yesterday's when the Colts met the Pats. I did watch the game, and I was interested in the outcome, but I apparently don't have as much invested emotionally as they do!

But, we cheered and clapped and reminisced about some of the other BIG games we have all watched together from the comfort of the family room. It's becoming more and more of a family tradition, and one we all look forward to - having a relaxing (well, when we are winning...) and fun activity to focus on together.

Next week, we will all watch again, I am sure. If we aren't together, the cell phone calls during commercial breaks will allow us that same kind of fun interaction. Here's to family fun, oh, and yes, Go, Colts! :-)

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