Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The joys of being a geek

The scary part is, I'm not even a good geek.  But I have a blast trying!  Maybe it's because I have just enough info to usually be able to guess next steps and almost enough fear to know when I am in over my head.  And, it's my way to be able to "help" family and friends and that makes it fun, too.

The info part does come from a good series of mistakes.  Like the first time I tried to "fix" a certain Children's Ministry Director's laptop... and ended up frying the motherboard.  Learned a lot on that one!  Or the more recent hosing of my Peruvian friend's internet connection, which prompted us to PRAY for a tech support person who spoke English.  Then there was the "whoops" of reloading a certain pastor & family's computer, and the reload NOT being enough, so that I got to do it one more time.
But, that is the joy of computers, in one way.  When all else fails (as long as you have a good backup), you can always start fresh, one more time, until you get it right ...if the hardware isn't as old as PacMan and Frogger, that is.

I like that part - the opportunity to start with a totally clean slate, one more time.

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  1. I have certainly appreciated being able to shout "Lisa! Help!" from time to time. I'm glad you enjoy it.