Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week, I began official orientation for Wycliffe USA. The process includes 6 weeks of online assignments and then 2 weeks on site in Orlando, April 10-24. I am learning lots - some things just related to "life" and many things related to the history, organization, and vision of Wycliffe. It's good stuff to know! The lessons are all mapped out so that a reasonable number are due each week.

Then, today, I did 4 miles in preparation for the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. I do "normal" workout stuff during the week and then longer walks on the weekend. Next weekend, I will do five miles; six, the following weekend; and... you get the picture, so that I am ready to do 13.1 miles on May 8. It will be my sixth Mini.

It struck me that both of these activities are related. Not only do they involve some good disciplines, they are designed to help me towards a future goal, and they are both set up in a way that fits how I am wired. They will be accomplished one chunk at a time.

I have learned that I do best when I have tasks arranged in a manner that they can be completed one chunk at a time, or if I can see progress in definitive steps along the way. That helps even the biggest goals feel more attainable.

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  1. Such good insight into what you are doing. It's exciting to hear about your preparation, both for Wycliffe and for the mini. It was good to hear your voice on the info you shared at your church.