Monday, June 21, 2010

June Randomness

Time seems to be flying by as I prepare for the move to Orlando. Here is my June newsletter with more information.

I spent Friday night with an excellent group of Middle School students who worked to reset Faith Church after Kids' Camp concluded. My first all-nighter in several years. I am mostly recovered. :-)

Indiana is getting a taste of Florida weather this week. Temps are supposed to hit the mid 90s. Air conditioning is a wonderful thing!

Yesterday I saw what appeared to be a whole group of blue herons at Eagle Creek, near the dam. Totally amazing creatures, and I haven't ever seen them before in a group; I see them one at a time, flying or feeding.

Oh, and my mom bakes amazing chocolate chip cookies, in case you wondered. How's that for random?

1 comment:

  1. Agreed...thank God for AC!

    A friend told me that blue herons are almost always seen flying solo. It is very rare to see two or more at a time. So you got a real treat!

    Please send choc chip cookies my way. :)