Friday, October 17, 2014

Equip #24 begins tomorrow!

Passing on this post from Wycliffe Canada.

Imagine not having access to John 10 in a language you understand?  How would you learn the truths quoted above?  That is still the plight of more than 180 million people in our world today who are without Scripture in their heart language.

Tomorrow, 47 new colleagues and their 16 missionary kids (MKs) will begin their two-week orientation to Wycliffe USA (Equip) so that they might help meet the needs of the Bibleless.  Please pray for the "crew" and participants, October 18-31, as we learn and work and grow together.  God has used your prayers in the past to sustain us, and I am confident He will do the same again.  Thank you for your critical role in helping send out these new workers who will be accelerating Bible translation.

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