Friday, January 9, 2015


Rosemary has been a part of the Bible translation team much longer than I have. As I began with Wycliffe, she told me she had been praying for the Nkukoli people in Nigeria… for eighteen years.

I saw Rosemary during my recent time in Indy. She is still praying for the Nkukoli to have access to the Word of God in the language that best speaks to their hearts.

This month, Amy (one of the recent Equippers) begins her role as a field coordinator, managing translation projects in Nigeria. What a joy it will be to report someday that Rosemary’s prayers have been answered – that Amy or one of her colleagues has had opportunity to help facilitate a translation project for the Nkukoli people!

Since November 2009, I have been praying for the Jakati people of Ukraine. Learning of their need was a part of God’s call to Wycliffe for me. The Nkukoli and Jakati are only two of the more than 1,800 people groups who are still without a single verse of Scripture in their heart language: the language spoken amongst family members… the language in which we pray and dream. Please consider signing up to pray for one of the Bibleless Peoples of the world by going to:

January is an Equip month, when new colleagues come to Orlando for their two-week onsite orientation to Wycliffe USA. Our goal is to fully equip these “newbies” so they may begin their field assignments as quickly as possible, so Bible translation may be accelerated. As always, the staff and participants depend on your prayers for wisdom, strength, health, and much productivity during our time together. Your influence on God’s Kingdom will now extend to this new group of folks and to all of those whom they will one day impact. Praise God!

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