Friday, July 17, 2015

The Ebb and Flow

I thoroughly enjoy what is now routine for me: the "flow" of programs -- groups of Wycliffe colleagues who come through Orlando for either training or encouragement. In between programs -- the "ebb" where I am now, my weeks have been spent gearing up for the next groups, continuing to coach new members as they ask God to raise their teams of prayer and financial partners, and being at home. I praise God for this good time of retooling. I am feeling filled up and ready for the next round of programs which begins July 27. Thank you for your continued prayers.

"Sally" is one of the folks I had the privilege of coaching as God built her team of prayer and financial partners. She is now working with translators in eastern Europe. She has been able to make trips to a variety of locations to work with those who are doing Bible translation for their own language group.

Workshops are held in the trade language of the region. At the workshops, "Sally" helps the translators hone their skills and as they encounter struggles and celebrate victories while working to accurately translate the Scriptures. As each new passage is translated, these language groups have opportunity to access the Bible for the first time in the language that speaks to their hearts. As you prayed and gave, you helped me help "Sally" get to her assignment more quickly. Together, we are a part of the team through which God is transforming lives as people experience and understand His Word. What a blessing!

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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