Friday, September 18, 2015

Equip #28 Begins Tomorrow!

I am so grateful for your ongoing prayers on my behalf. This past week, one of the ways God answered your prayers was to provide amazingly productive days on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday... and a generally restful day on Tuesday while I recovered from a small stomach bug.

As I approached the week, I would not have thought I needed (or could afford!) a day at home with all that was to be done, but apparently I was wrong! I was again reminded that health and strength are gifts from God that can never be taken for granted. God has been faithful to provide the time and the resources to accomplish all that needed to be done this week, even with the day at home. Thank you for praying for health and strength for me.

Tomorrow, 28 new Wycliffe colleagues and their 20 MKs (12 of them preschool age!) will begin their two-week Equip orientation in Orlando. "Crew" (the folks who facilitate the program) meetings begin this afternoon. Prayer requests for us:

- Health and strength for all
- That participants would be fully equipped to effectively begin their service with Wycliffe
- Wisdom and stamina for the Crew
- We already know of some unique challenges/pressures that are likely to come up these two weeks.

We can't wait to see how God intends to work in each one. Pray that we each fully depend on the Lord. Thank you!

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