Friday, November 20, 2015

Truly Understanding

Imagine reading the book of Acts for the first time. Imagine this being your first opportunity to read God's Word in a language you fully understand. One of the couples at a recent Connection program passed this quote on to me:

“I read the Bible every day in the national language, trying to understand what I’m reading. I wrestle with God about these things and ask him what does it mean, but I just can't understand it. But this book of Acts in S_____ is so clear, I can read it and understand it. We are thankful for what all you are doing to put the Bible in the S_____ language.” --a college-educated school teacher

​Paul's Conversion (Acts 9), Photo: Janeen Michie

Thank you for your prayers for long-range scheduling and program preparation. Both are going well. Thanks also for praying for those new members I am responsible to coach. Some of them have "deadlines" coming soon in the new year. They are making good progress and are trusting God to provide as they continue to do their work of sharing about the Bibleless and inviting others to partner with their Wycliffe ministries.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for you... I could not be a part of Wycliffe without your faithful partnership. Your ongoing prayers and gifts are also vital to the 165 million people who are still waiting for the Bible in the language of their hearts. My prayer is for your season to be filled with renewing times with family and friends and opportunities to reflect on His goodness.

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