Friday, March 11, 2016

Back to Indiana!?!

Hello from Florida! It was an honor to be a part of Faith's Global Impact Conference. I enjoyed connecting with many of you and sharing about what God is doing in Bible translation. As a pleasant surprise for me, I will be back in Indiana, March 19 - April 4.

The unexpected part is that Mom did not return to Florida with me. As a result of last week's CT scan, she now has a surgical consult on March 21. Thanks so much for your prayers. She is trusting God and doing ok in the waiting. We are thankful.

One prayer request we have is that the surgery be scheduled very soon after the consult, so that I might be able to help out post-surgery. (I am very grateful for all the family's oneness-of-mind in being available to help out!) Also, please pray for clarity as I sort through the tasks here next week, so that all that can't be done "remotely" gets accomplished. Thank you for your faithful prayers and encouragements.

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