Friday, May 19, 2017

TWC #42

What can wash away my sins?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus...

This week, we have had the privilege of connecting with 31 colleagues (who also brought along 24 of their kids!) who have served overseas. Most of these new friends of mine live in parts of the world where English is not the majority language and most do not have the opportunity for corporate worship in their own heart language for months at a time. When you get a group of them together, they sing with great energy! My heart has been encouraged by the enthusiasm of their worship. And the stories we have heard this week... stories of God's faithfulness in places and among people groups in challenging parts of the world.

Our prayer is always that these servants will leave encouraged and refreshed, ready to continue using the gifts and experiences they have, so that someday no one will be without access to the Bible and to worship in the language and form they best understand.

In this whole process, you make a difference. I know I say it often, but it is true -- your partnership with my Wycliffe ministry through your prayers and gifts now extends around the world through these dear co-workers, too!

Thank you for your prayers for them and for me. Please let me know how I may pray on your behalf. I am continuing to pray about those things you have shared.

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