Friday, July 28, 2017

Psalm 42

Thanks for your prayers these past two weeks. Mom is doing well enough on her own that I was able to return to Florida for The Wycliffe Connection. Our team served 32 Wycliffe colleagues and their 25 missionary kids (MKs). God blessed with some great conversations and good health and strength for us all. Next week, we'll host another group of 16 co-workers and six of their MKs who have been living in the US. Most of them work from their homes and only have opportunity to connect with their teams "virtually" through technology. Pray for their renewal and encouragement.

I have colleagues who are in the midst of some very challenging circumstances. My Bible reading schedule has taken me into the Psalms recently. As I reflected on what I was reading, God prompted me to pray on their behalf. Then it struck me... I couldn't imagine not having the comfort of the Psalms.

If that had not been translated into English, how would I comprehend that truth? We have such incredible access to the encouragements and promises of God! Your partnership through your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry makes that same kind of understanding possible for others. Thank you!

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