Friday, November 17, 2017

Light in the Darkness

The nomadic Nenets have lived for centuries in one of the most challenging environments on Earth. They follow the migrations of vast herds of reindeer in the forests and tundra of Siberia, where cold can reach -60 degrees F, during months of lingering darkness. In the dark hours, the snow reflects what light there is.

The Nenets translation team is based in the northern Siberian city of Salekhard, one of only two cities in the world located on the Arctic Circle. November through January, the sun comes out for an average of 14 minutes per day. Praise God that even here, the ministry of Bible translation is taking place among the Nenets.

Olga Larovna, Nenets Bible translator, and Eunsub Song, exegetical advisor, are two of the workers on the translation team. Please pray for Olga and Eunsub and their colleagues to continue to make good progress.

The Lord has enabled me to be more aware of his faithfulness in my life recently. I am grateful for productive planning opportunities this month and time to catch up on tasks in the office and at home that will help things run more smoothly next year. Thanks for your continued prayers for wisdom and for times of good renewal.

Thanks also for your prayers for those I am coaching as they ask God to build their teams of prayer and financial partners for their Wycliffe ministry. Some of them have "deadlines" that are fast approaching. Pray that God will confirm their calling and continue to provide for them, each step of the way.

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