Friday, February 16, 2018


Thanks so much for your prayers for our Connection program this week. Things have gone smoothly. We pray that the impact will continue as the participants leave today. Our prayer is that the Lord will encourage them as they prepare to return to their areas of service all over the world.

My time is essentially always spent with the adults during these programs, but I've had more time this week with some of the 15 MKs (missionary kids), ages 2-18, who are here. I've been impressed by the way siblings care for each other, the way they have made quick friends across family lines, their resourcefulness. They could probably all navigate an international airport or a public transportation system anywhere in the world better than I could. :-)

One of my Orlando colleagues recently shared a video that gives a little more insight into the life of an MK:

Video Source:

Next week, we will have another Connection program -- this time, with colleagues who live in the US, but who work all over the world, thanks to technology. We are grateful in advance for your prayers that the Lord may renew them.

After that, March is a retooling period, preparing for the next groups to come, while I continue to coach some who are building their teams of prayer and financial partners. I'll also be heading to Indiana for a brief visit. Details soon!

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