Friday, March 15, 2019


In the last update, I mentioned that March is usually a slower-paced month. My expectations have been fully met! Once it was apparent that my surgery would not be earlier than April, it was possible to make arrangements for Mom to come down for a visit. We had a great time. I am only sorry that somehow I took no photos while she was here. I'm grateful for the continued health and strength the Lord provides for her and for her faithful encouragements.

It's not very exciting stuff to write about, but this month there has also been time to plan and prepare and update curriculum materials for the sessions we teach. We're always looking to be more effective in what we do. I'm grateful for the brain space this month to help those things happen.

Next week, I'll be involved in meetings with other coaches and our larger department, Member and Care Resources (MACR). It's our time to be face-to-face, as the majority of this department is distributed across the US. Our time is about relationships with each other and also continuing to learn to be more effective as we coach other members who are building and sustaining teams of prayer and financial partners. I'm grateful for time with some amazing colleagues.

I'm still doing ok waiting for the April right hip replacement surgery -- 39 days and counting! I'm grateful for your prayers.

My prayer for each of you is that the Lord would sprinkle joy and peace through your day. It would be a privilege to pray other specifics for you. Please let me know how I might join with you in prayer.

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