Friday, April 24, 2020

Virtual Equip Update

Wow. The Lord has been answering your prayers. Equip virtual orientation is going well. The internet has been generally dependable for all, praise God.

God has also provided grace and strength. The total number of online hours makes this significantly more fatiguing (in a different way) than if we were together. And it's been more challenging to make relational connections.

But this group has been amazing and persistent and flexible and engaging and grace-filled. They've been taking advantage of every opportunity we do have and making the most of them. Those with small children have been especially resourceful when it comes to staying engaged and also keeping the "littles" happy.

The Crew has been brainstorming regularly to adjust and tweak all types of little things. God has granted us enough time and space and mental energy. Very grateful to be a part of this team.

Please keep praying. We'll have most of Saturday and all of Sunday off. Pray for rest and renewal. We will finish at the end of the day next Thursday.

So grateful for you. May the Lord bring you moments of sweet joy today. Let me know of ways I might pray with you.

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