Friday, June 28, 2024

This is Our Music!

We love the Psalms, because they are so full of passion and praise, deep feelings, moods, laments, and conversations with God… words that capture the human experience so beautifully. But what if they hadn’t been translated into our language yet? And what if we were an oral culture that needed a different way of translating biblical poetry? What could we do then?

Benjie Leach of Wycliffe UK and Ireland says, "Psalms that Sing guides poets and musicians in a creative process to translate the Psalms so they may be learned, heard and sung, in rejoicing and in sorrow, in strength and in weakness, in confidence and in fear."

The translators work as a group and move through a 10-step process from listening to Psalms in another language to praying and singing them in their own. These Psalms are then being taken back into the community and used, becoming a part of daily life not just in the churches, but out in the community, too. Some have said, "This is our music!"

(Read more about Psalms that Sing or hear some of the Psalms in Kaaps.)

Recent Highlights -- Answers to Prayer:
  • I had opportunity to do some MS Excel tutorials and learn a number of helpful things for my Member Finance role.
  • Coverage for summer vacations has been going smoothly.
  • I am blessed and grateful for the gift of time and energies of friends who helped me landscape! One new hobby now is watering each morning!
Items for prayer:
  • Pray for the Psalms that Sing programs to continue to spread God's Word.
  • The Jr High Grow Class (Sunday School) will be on a break in July and August. Pray that the students continue to grow spiritually during that time.
  • I am still investigating new hobbies. :-)
Your faithful prayers and gifts are a part of what God is doing around the world in Bible translation. Thank you! How may I pray for you?

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