Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bike riding

Last night, I went bike riding with my Mom. :-) You have to know a little more to appreciate that. Mom will be 74 next month. I think the last time she rode a bike was when she was a kid. But she recently found one of those big retiree-type three-wheelers... and now she acts like a kid on it! I understand the 10-yr old from across the street sometimes comes over to see if Mom can ride with her, too.

Part of the fun is seeing my Mom engage in life again, as she adjusts to this chapter of life after losing Dad, her partner of 52 years. But God is gracious, and is filling some of the gaps with new things, or the revival of old things. I am thankful.

I doubt that she'll try rollerblading... but you never know! :-)

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