Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Somehow at the Christmas season, it is easier to cut to the chase, to be reminded of what is truly important. So, I want to express my thanks and praise to God for my family and the friends by whom my life has been so blessed. You see, I am "wired" to see God best as He is reflected in the lives of others.

You are as varied as creation itself and by God's grace, you each play a unique role in my life... blessing me, challenging me, encouraging me, humbling me, spurring me on. The roles do change as time goes by, but you are each so much a part of who God is still making me to be. Thank you - I am so thankful for you.

I am thankful for Jesus Christ and His unending love for me and patience with me, as He, above all, is still pursuing me. May you experience His love and grace in a deep and personal way as you celebrate this Christmas.

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