Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am finally ready to admit that I turned fifty years old this week. And, I lived to tell about it. :-) It was a little like when we all waited for Y2K to roll around and we wondered if life would ever be the same afterwards. And, it was.

Well, I do know that the next day came and went just like all others before. That's the good part. What will the year bring? That is yet to be seen. But, I am thankful for family and friends near and far who helped me celebrate "gently."

I liked the advice of a friend who told me I should make a big deal of my own birthday. Her comment was, "The older we get, the more likely we can get away with this behavior all the time." I think she is very right. Then, there was the other friend who encouraged me this week to cultivate a childlike spirit - one that is unfettered by the worries of life as we grown-ups know it to be. I think both of them are correct. :-)

So, I am vacationing a little to stretch out the celebration. After all, I will only turn 50 once!

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