Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wonderful Conversation

As a friend put it, I have been enjoying the wonderful conversation that is so often generated on Facebook, by a status update or a photo or a comment or a note.  I have found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion recently.

Some of you may think that is pretty pitiful - that my social interaction is with a computer screen.  If that were the only place I interacted, you would be correct.  But when the computer interconnects those in different cities and states and time zones and continents, then it is a pretty cool tool.  Our world is so much smaller than it used to be, which means our worldview has opportunity to be so much larger, as we see things through each other's eyes.

That's the same reason I am becoming an avid blog reader - seeing the world through another's eyes.  I have been introduced through blogging to folks I will likely not meet in this life, and I have opportunity to expand my world by seeing theirs - not to the neglect of my own sphere of influence, but with the possibility of interacting with it in more insightful ways as I am challenged to grow my perspective.

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  1. I agree. Things like Facebook enable a different kind of interaction especially with people we would have practical difficulties communicating regularly. As long as these things don't replace real-life interaction, for want of a better word, I think we can get a lot out of them.