Friday, August 8, 2014

Seven Weeks of Summer - Looking Back

Last Friday, I packed up my things to head home from a seven-week stint of staying at the Wycliffe USA Mobilization Center campus to help with onsite programs.  I was amazed at how quickly the time had gone this summer.  I was also grateful for how obvious it was that God’s grace had sustained me.  Thank you for your prayers for me and for the “crew” and participants in each of the programs!

Here’s what your partnership with your prayers and gifts helped facilitate this summer:

· Two weeks of Equip orientation for 39 new members and 21 new missionary kids (MKs)
· One week of orientation for 19 teachers headed overseas and their 12 MKs (I got to help with logistics.)
· One week of training meetings for 25 Partnership Development (PD) coaches from all around the US (I got to help with logistics, but was mostly a “learner” here.)
· One week of Wycliffe Stateside Connection for 12 stateside colleagues and their 5 MKs
· One week of The Wycliffe Connection for 26 furloughing colleagues and their 20 MKs
· One week of The Wycliffe Connection for 30 furloughing colleagues and their 24 MKs

It was a privilege to be on the teams who ministered on your behalf this summer:

· helping with logistics
· training new and returning colleagues
· having meaningful conversations prompting me and others to strive to continue to grow
 · rejoicing over lives changed through the translated Scriptures
 · hearing stories of God’s faithfulness
 · celebrating and caring for those who have served for years (or decades!)
 · encouraging those who are just now beginning their missions journeys

It was a special joy to be reconnected with one friend from my original orientation cohort in 2010, as she is now furloughing from overseas service.  I also was thrilled to spend time with the gal who was my first PD “coachee” to complete her initial partnership team.  She was a participant in the last program this summer.  It was a blessing to see and hear all God had done in and through these women.  Your partnership with my Wycliffe ministry also extends to impact their areas of influence in some very hard parts of the world.

Once in a while, it still feels  unusual to have my rhythm of life not impacted by the comings and goings of the school year, but I am very settled into and thankful for this new rhythm.  We have just entered a time of rest, renewal, and retooling.  My prayer for you all as you gear up for school is that the presence of God will be just as real and close to you as it was for me this summer, as we each continue to trust and obey where He has placed us.

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