Friday, September 5, 2014

A Strong Foundation

Faith Church, Indianapolis

I have memories of gathering at Faith Church in May 2004 as we prayed prayers of dedication on the future site of the new worship center.  Some had written Bible references on the ground where the building would stand.  I was reminded of that evening when I read about Abu Daniels, an elementary school teacher who speaks the Yom Kawac dialect of the Bukawa language in Papua New Guinea.
Scriptures placed in the foundation
Photo by Sarah Halferty

Carrying a passage of Scripture written in her own heart language, Mrs. Daniels approached the rectangular foundation of the building being constructed at the Ukarumpa Training Center. She joined others in dedicating the new structure to God.
As the sun rose over the mountains, men and women stepped forward one by one to lay their heart-language Scripture in the foundation. Later, the construction team would pour cement over the verses, making them a permanent part of the building. In doing this, they demonstrated that they were building on the firm foundation of the Word of God, for the purpose of training people to translate that Word into the mother tongue languages of Papua New Guinea.
A Quiet Month
This story is just one that I read recently.  August was a quiet month of resting, walking, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, spending time with family and friends, worshipping with the Faith Family, attending the Global Leadership Summit, and generally gathering “input” into my life after the busy summer months.  It is very good to feel refreshed as we get ready to begin fall programs.
A Look Ahead
This month, our team will host colleagues (and their MKs) in Orlando who have served in the US and around the world.  We get to help care for them and to celebrate how God is using them in Bible translation, whether they serve directly as translators or if they are in behind-the-scenes roles.  Many of you know Jeff & Peg Shrum.  I am looking forward to seeing them as they come through one of the programs.
Thank you once again for your faithful gifts and prayers that allow me to continue to minister on your behalf.  I praise God for you!

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