Friday, September 2, 2016

Unexpected Things

Today, I am especially grateful for those of you who pray regularly for me and my Wycliffe ministry. This was a week of unexpected things. I have had "a cold" developing over the course of the week... and there wasn't time to let you know to pray specifically. Our Connection program ends today... and the team here has rallied around me to pick up a number of tasks that I would normally complete. We also had to make a number of logistical changes along the way due to outside factors and all of the changes have gone smoothly. I know I say it often, but we are completely dependent on your prayers and God's strength... and both have been evident this week.

God granted some amazing conversations during this Connection. I heard some stories that I am only able to share with you face-to-face. One of the folks who was here works with a project that was recently funded by College Park Church of Indianapolis. It was a joy to hear of what God is doing among that people group and to know that some of you have had direct input into the ministry there. And, through your prayers on my behalf, you have again impacted that missionary and those people who are waiting for God's Word in their heart language!

I am thankful for the holiday weekend ahead and time to rest. Next week, we begin final preparations for the next new missionary orientation, Equip.

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