Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Greetings!

Thanks so much for your prayers these past two weeks. We were able to complete our planning tasks and had two good days of orientation with new paid staff members during Endeavor. I left Florida yesterday and spent the night with a friend in the Atlanta area. Very grateful for a "comfortable" day of weather and traffic. I'll be driving again today, so would appreciate your prayers.

Wycliffe USA President Bob Creson and his wife, Dallas, wanted to share their greetings. Click on the photo or link below to hear about some of the things God has accomplished in 2017. Let's rejoice together!

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Merry Christmas to you! Praying your December has had (or will have in the coming days) a good blend of worship and celebration and rest and service and family and friends. I'm especially thankful this year for relationships that God has given. I look forward to catching up with many of you during the next two weeks.

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