Friday, January 5, 2018


What does literacy mean to you? Learning to read isn’t just about being able to read the Bible and other books. What if you couldn’t read vital information on a medicine bottle? What if you couldn’t even tell the time? These are everyday tasks most people in the Western world do without thinking – but these tasks require a certain level of literacy.

Exclusively oral communities may also face major barriers to higher education, earning money, and community development. Wycliffe Bible Translators wants to unlock new opportunities for people groups who have been limited by a lack of literacy.

We work with communities to develop intuitive writing systems (or orthographies, to use the technical term) that language communities recognize as their own and that help adults and children learn to read within as short a time as possible. How long it takes to learn to read varies from language to language and person to person, but an adult who is new to reading may learn to read confidently within six months to a year. Pray that literacy would open doors around the world not only for people to engage with the Bible, but also for large-scale community change.

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Looking back, it was a joy to be in Indiana over the holidays to spend time with family and connect with many of you. I've begun to "thaw" from the sub-zero days in Brownsburg. [We did have frost in Orlando the past two nights. :-)] Thanks so much for your prayers for my travel. All 3,000 plus miles since December 14 was uneventful. I don't take that for granted.

Looking ahead, our next group of new colleagues will begin their Equip onsite orientation on Saturday, January 13. It's always exciting to meet each group and hear of how God has brought them to Wycliffe. Pray that God will give strength and wisdom as we work together to get them off to a good start. Thank you for your part in their ministry!

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