Friday, November 23, 2018

At home!

I will admit to being a little disoriented as to which day of the week it is, so I had been up a while before I realized it was Friday and I had not yet sent an update! In the midst of all the Black Friday ads, I know this may get lost in some inboxes until next week sometime... but here goes!

Thanksgiving - yes, very much of that in my life right now! Things did go very well this week with the surgery and the beginnings of rehab. I can tell that things are a little easier each day, for which I am grateful. I am only taking acetaminophen as a pain reliever, so there's another reason to be grateful, as my mind is clearing up... well, as much as can be expected!

My refrigerator is already full and folks here have plans to continue bringing meals through December 6. In-home health/physical therapy begins today. I have received countless cards and texts and emails and facebook messages... I am feeling very surrounded by the love of God's people and am very, very grateful.
My next milestone will be the follow-up appointment with the surgeon on December 5. Then we'll see what is next. Thanks so much for all your prayers and encouragements. I'd be honored to pray with you, too. Let me know how I might do so.

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